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I have to tell you, after fighting my way through several junior high schools, It was gratifying to see a bully get what he had coming to him. Yes boys will be boys, but it has become fairly epidemic. Kids in High and Junior high, have enough issues these days, and this is unacceptable. Unfortunately zero tolerence punishes the victim as well as the agressor.

I work with young men, and in this day and age of having to mature so quickly to keep up with the farces, society forces on them, is just pressure packed.

For those of you actually parenting, thank you, and I hope your kids are doing well, for those that aren't, this video is probably a microcosim of what your kid may be involved in, whether victom or agressor.

It's the reason to be steeped deeply in what is going on in your kids life. I have a boy right now I'm working with, very late puberty, single parent. He's very personable, bright as hell, and just a great kid, but taking a lot of heat, he's not from $, his voice hasn't broke, He's still a little enfeminate. This isn't a sports or doing masculine things situation, he's just developing a little behind his peers, and it's kicking his ass. Of course this will be corrected in time, but this is his "ackward" stage, and keeping him on line till it passes, will be a real challenge. And hopefully the stigma won't follow him in later years.

I don't think parents are blind, I think they kind of hide from the fact thier kid might need a little extra attention. If your kid is the school star, congradulations, really, it's what we all hope for. But for those who have struggling kids, it really isn't all that hard to give them the extra tools they may need. There are mentor's, tutor's and many organizations and activities.

Sit, talk to your kid, see what thier passion is, and if it's fesable, see what you can do to get them pointed in a positive direction. Lets face it, even if there are some stars on this site, we all had our ackward period, and remember how alone we felt during that time.

Maybe sports, maybe clubs, art, music, science etc. etc. whatever makes your kid feel positive about themselves. I'm not saying to teach your kid we're all special or winners, that comes with work and effort and without work and effort, then other people deserve the benifits of that work and effort.

Think how hard it was for us to grow up, now pile on technology, and all the other crap, society piles on, and it may be as tough for them as it was for the depression era generation.

Love your kids, and I don't mean thinking you love your kids...Show and tell them you love them.... Sorry for another ramble...
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