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We are in the Thanksgiving season right now, which is when we show thanks for all that we have (we really should be showing that thanks year round). So many of us are doing well, and have all that we need. There are, however, so many families out there who are struggling to keep food on the table. The local food banks are also struggling to get enough food to give out to these families.

I was at the store earlier today and decided to pick up a couple of turkeys to take to United Food Bank here in Mesa. The lady in the receiving area was SO happy to see those turkeys, as they are not getting as many as they have in years past.

So, I am asking each of you to take some time out of your schedules, head to the store, and purchase some turkeys to donate (and other food that they can use). It might cost you $30 - $40, but the joy and relief that it will bring to a family in need will be priceless. If there isn't a food bank near you, then contact a local church or a homeless shelter to see if they are taking food donations. Let's do what we can to help out those in need this year (and every year).
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Check with your local food banks about if they prefer donations of goods or money. They can sometimes get better deals when buying in bulk.
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