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Thank you team chevelle!

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I finally got my Motor all together and in the car. It is running great, I still need a new carb, but I just wanted everyone here to know I used this forum every step of the way. It was kind of amazing really what ever the issue I just typed it in the search bar and found my answer here.

In the end I took the 396 out, dressed the new 454 short block , changed my clutch, Installed the new 454. Only helper was my wife. For warranty issues I had it trucked back to the Machine shop for start up. They checked everything and then fired it up. It did not even spin more than once and it fired.

Special thanks to Chris Straub at Straub tech, (contacted him because of this site) The Cam and Engine kit he sold for me has proven to be everything he said it would. And Meridian Auto and Machine here in Meridian Idaho for all the Machine work advice and patience.

And a big thanks to all of you who post and answer questions. It was a huge help during this process. I thought about just saving more money and having the shop do everything. I'm glad now I decided to do as much as I could. :hurray:
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Starts on the flick of the key, only have my 670sa on it now but it is still impressive. For example when my Wife is not happy with me she uses my fulll name. So in a five mile test drive I got 4ea "David Cliffords" and one "that was totally uncalled for":D

At the end of the build so you know that means I'm at the end of my budget. As soon as I get some parts and my old motor sold I'm going to put a QF780sa on it. I think it will work well with my combo.
here is a quick video. I have a new set of headers on order. but they are on back order. I used my old ones for now and they leak a little

Chris, this motor seems to really like 22 degrees initial timing. Does that seem about right to you.

Thanks for the kind comments Crazy Davey
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