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HI i have full manual valve th400, 454or bbc, 530hp ,580fltlbs, 3700 lbs, 3.42 ,gear, 26.1 drag radial, stall flash 3500 rpm, 175 shot nitrous,
How hard is it on th400 doing this ? or how hard is it on anything ,who has done this , we got race on old airport strip ,no burnout allowed any help advise please

It's rougher on the shafts and easier on many of the other parts.

IMO you are not even close to the power level you need to be (at any weight) to use the 2nd gear launch.
You are also very heavy.
If you have a full manual VB, launch in 2nd and try it. It should take care of any traction problem for sure with your setup.

We build these for some fairly fast (and heavy) cars but they are generally 1500+ HP combos.

You can also set it up as a 1+2 where you can leave in 1st or 2nd gear depending on track and gearing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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