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th350 removal ACK

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The last time I pulled this, engine/trans came out as one unit. Trying to pull trans only after it finally blew up. How to access the two top bellhousing bolts, and what is the secret to pulling out the trans dipstick tube? I have the four bolts on left/right side out, just cant seem to reach the top bolts... helpful hints are appreciated! '72 Malibu, 350/th350
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Thanks for the hints. I was concerned that if I lifted the back end of the trans to get at the top bolts I would crack the trans case at the top where it screws into the block. I will thread in a couple on the sides of the bell housing before I do this, and yeah, I did drain it before I started wrenching on it :thumbsup: Ill let you know how it goes...thanks again

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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