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th350 removal ACK

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The last time I pulled this, engine/trans came out as one unit. Trying to pull trans only after it finally blew up. How to access the two top bellhousing bolts, and what is the secret to pulling out the trans dipstick tube? I have the four bolts on left/right side out, just cant seem to reach the top bolts... helpful hints are appreciated! '72 Malibu, 350/th350
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In my experience you can do it one of two ways (some cars require a combination of both). The first way would be from the top: with the trans unbolted from the crossmember and out of the way use a jack on the trans to lift it up so the engine/trans assembly tilts forward usually this will get you a few more inches of access. The second way: pop off the distributer cap and move it out of the way, lower the tailend of the trans with the jack (but keep the jack touching for safety) and use your longest extention (I have a 2ft) to get at the bolts over the top of the trans. If you don't want to remove the distributer cap. Go ahead and pick one out from Summit/Jegs because they usually crack when they hit the firewall (I will take the 5th for that one lol). As long as everything else is unbolted/unhooked you should be able to gently lower/controlled drop the trans out with the dipstick tube attatched. If it is in the way of the cooling lines then you should be able to pry it out of the trans after all of the bolt are removed (I can't remember which passeger side on it is) even if there is not enough room to completely remove it you then have enough room to access the cooler lines. of course you have drained the trans before you pulled the tube right? Every one time lol. Good luck, David
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