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th350 removal ACK

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The last time I pulled this, engine/trans came out as one unit. Trying to pull trans only after it finally blew up. How to access the two top bellhousing bolts, and what is the secret to pulling out the trans dipstick tube? I have the four bolts on left/right side out, just cant seem to reach the top bolts... helpful hints are appreciated! '72 Malibu, 350/th350
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either jack up the back of the trans and get the botls from the top- ratcheting wrenches were invented for this sort of thing- or drop the back of the trans and use some extensions on a ratchet or reach up there with a wrench.
for the tube- once yo uget the bellhousing bolt that holds it out of the way, grab it from the top abnd just pull it up.. or leave it in the trans until it safely falls off your jack and onto the floor, then crawl thru the rapidly expanding plume of atf from when the torque converter falls out of the trans and pull it out of the trans case..
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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