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I just bought a TH350 with lock-up and converter from Phoenix Transmission Products, but I am having some trouble getting it to work. I have searched this forum for some possible clues, but as far as I can tell I have done nothing wrong.
The tranny and converter didn't come with any kind of documentation for setting up the lock-up, so now I come to you, my fellow enthusiasts. Based on previous experience from trying to communicate with parts vendors my guess is that you guys will come up with an answer way quicker than they ever will :)

So, the tranny is a TH350, what Phoenix calls a #PTP350SS. And I ordered it with their 350 Lock-Up option.
My plan was to wire it up with a manual switch. From what I've read is as easy as adding power to the cable coming out of the tranny, so it now has 12V power through a switch and a relay (just in case). Can any of you tell me where I went wrong? :confused: Any help is much appreciated!
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