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temperature sending unit

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I have a 67, small block, with idiot lights and I wanted to replace my temperature sending unit (TSU). The TSU is the nail tip type, not the blade tip type, so I was looking in the Year One catalog and there it was, the picture showed exactly what I was looking for! YEAH! Its part # 3060N. I ordered it and soon it came. When I took it out of the box it was the wrong type, it was the type with the blade tip, and in the bag with it was a female adapter with a pin on the end. So I checked the part # on the bag and it was part # 3060N. I called Year One to report the mix up and they said "Well they dont make those anymore" I asked "then why is there a picture in the catalog?" They said bla bla bla bla........ So I am going to return it. Where can I find a nail type TSU the mounts in the intake manifold?
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Where ever you may find one, make sure and test it with a multimeter and some hot water and a known accurate thermometer to make sure the new sending unit functions per the design specs needed for your application. I bought a perfect looking reproduction one once that was so far off my factory gauge worked wildly wrong. It caused me a great deal of stress and concern until I determined via a reliable secondary gauge that the engine temps were just fine. I tossed the reproduction and found a good used original I cleaned up and installed, everything works just fine now.

My point is, when you do get one it might or might not work as it should, check it first so if and when you see weird functions from your dash light or gauge it won't be a surprise or cause any panic.
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