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temperature sending unit

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I have a 67, small block, with idiot lights and I wanted to replace my temperature sending unit (TSU). The TSU is the nail tip type, not the blade tip type, so I was looking in the Year One catalog and there it was, the picture showed exactly what I was looking for! YEAH! Its part # 3060N. I ordered it and soon it came. When I took it out of the box it was the wrong type, it was the type with the blade tip, and in the bag with it was a female adapter with a pin on the end. So I checked the part # on the bag and it was part # 3060N. I called Year One to report the mix up and they said "Well they dont make those anymore" I asked "then why is there a picture in the catalog?" They said bla bla bla bla........ So I am going to return it. Where can I find a nail type TSU the mounts in the intake manifold?
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Is your wiring original? If so, probably the type that was on it. On my 66 BB, with the guage package, I got the correct type from napa. My parts book says the late 66 (2nd design) and 67 sending unit with the lights are the same.
just thinking if the wiring and clip are original, you would need the type of sending unit that would match the clip. Evidently the correct type are hard to come by. One of the venders, that generaly has a lot of these parts list them as a call only item. 3160GM; but doesn't list them as correct, which they do if there is a correct reproduction.

The corvette venders are usually more on top of some things then the chevelle venders. You might check one of them out. Like Paragon or Long Island Corvette. Not sure; but maybe all corvettes had a guage rather than a light, so maybe different. They list 57-67 as the same; but as I said their appears to be a different design for late 66 and 67 chevelles.

Hinshaw's list a 41015 for 64-72 with gauges and a 41012 for 64/68 without gauges. You might try them.

My 66 AIM list #1993369 for 66 v-8 without guages, this is also the part number listed in my 75 parts book for numerous v-8 chevys. It also list 6402666 as an option. However, the SS with gauges is # 8992019
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Could be wrong; but think the #409 is for 1967 6 cyl only (2nd design). 1967 6 cyl 1st design is #1993367, which is also the number in my AIM for 66 v-8 without guages. Think the 1st design is available from #3270gm. 2nd design for 66 #3261gm and all 67 #3261gm which are the same is not available. Unsure about this design change; but probably sometime around the end of the 66 model years. And probably some early 67's may have got the 1st design and some may have gotten the 2nd design.
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