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  • Free Programs

    Team member Jeffery Kennebeck offers the following FREE visual basic programs.

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    This program will convert litres to us gallons / miles to kilometers
    Another handy feature is the calculating of MPG from these results.

    No zip program? You should get one, but here is the alternate version of this file. Executable Version 200K

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    This excellent utility will help you solve drivetrain questions.
    It will solve for the missing variable in: rpm / gear ratio / miles per hour / tire size

    No zip program? You should get one, but here is the alternate version of this file. Executable Version 200K

    This program will help you choose the correct carburetor size for your application.

    Note: This program uses a factor called "Volumetric Efficiency", more information on this subject is available at the following locations: Efficiency: The pumping efficiency of the engine as air isdrawn into the cylinders. (Siemens Automotive Electronics Glossary)
    Calculate Carb CFMThe Volumetric efficiency of an engine is how well the engine can burn the air/fuel mixture in each cylinder. For most nonhigh perf. engines a value of 85% should be used. If you have a full race engine then the VE approaches 100%

    According to Professor Overdrive, of Summit Racing: An ordinary low performance engine has a volumetric efficiency (V.E.) rating of about 80% at maximum torque. A high performance engine has about an 85% rating at maximum torque, while all-out race motors are at roughly 95% at maximum torque. Some race engines with highly tuned intake and exhaust systems can even exceed 100% V.E. without a supercharger!
    Watch for future additions! Be sure and let us know of anything special that you feel would be of benefit to all Chevelle owners...... enjoy!

    Downloading Instructions
    The Standard versions are the best choice. They are small files and once unzipped will be ready to run. Download these versions first, if you have any problems you may have to download 'one' complete version.

    The alternate versions are ready to run 'executable' files. Simply save them in whichever directory you want and run them by double clicking on the .exe file in that directory. If you wish you can make icons or shortcuts to them... your choice. If after installing, the program will not run, it simply means that you do not have all the necessary files already on your machine. Download the complete version to correct this. NOTE: you only have to install ONE complete version in order to be able to run these and ALL future programs.

    The full zipped versions come with a complete package of .dll files that may be necessary if you have never installed any Visual Basic programs on your computer before. Save the zip file to a directory and then unzip using your favourite utility (most likely winzip). Now simply run the setup.exe file and all necessary files and links will be installed. This program will create an icon or shortcut for you as well.

    "Team Chevelle offers no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, for this software. The user of the software bears all risks."

    Please check back for future versions and updates of these files

    That being said... enjoy!
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