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While not correct, I found some small aluminum bolts with big heads on them at Lowe's in the specialty hardware section that I was able to file and polish the heads down (they had a very shallow straight blade screwdriver slot in them). They mimic the rivets very closely. Once the gutter is mounted on the firewall and the wire installed inside of it, I don't think anyone will ever know the difference. Now if you're working on a 1,000 point concourse restoration, then this probably wouldn't work for you...

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I used 10/32 Machine screws.... Insert in die grinder " COPY " the head style, Hit with a little Scotch bright, Little clear laq. Cut to length. Insert screw in gutter, Little dab. of loc-tight (with tooth pick ) snug them up---Done.. I did this 10 years ago AND it is still perfect...........

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Could this work? Right size?

Rivet Type
Split, Tubular, or Press-Fit
Split, Tubular, or Press-Fit Rivet Type
Rivet Material
Rivet Finish
Nickel Plated
Steel Type
C1006 - C1018
System of Measurement
.141" (9/64")
Hole Size
.141" (9/64")
Drill Size
.313" (5/16")
Head Diameter (A)
.313" (5/16")
Head Height (B)
.047" (3/64")
Specifications Met
Not R
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