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TCS, Do I need it??

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I am restoring my old chevelle that I have not played with for about 8 years. The TCS relay is shot, but I am not sure if it was even ever hooked up. Is it possible that the TCS system was never functional? Do I need to get it all hooked up again? Where is the TCS Selenoid located? Thanks!!
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TCS? It's a common question. The Transmission Controlled Spark system was new in 1970. It was supposed to reduce emissions--yeah right!

All it does,when connected right and functioning properly is allow or deny vacuum to the vacuum advance on the distributor.

NO YOU DON'T NEED IT. Just hook up the distributor vacuum advance directly to the proper port on the carburetor.

The solenoid location depends on what kind of engine you have. In 1970, the small blocks had it mounted to a intake stud next to the carburetor. The big blocks had it mounted up front near the thermostat.

Hope this helps.
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