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TBI Swap to 67 El Camino

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Hello out there,

Here I go with another project. I'd like to know if anyone has done this or knows someone I can correspond with who has swaped a 5.7 TBI into an A Body.

I'm going to open this with the info of what I plan to rob off of the donor truck. In a local area junk yard, I found a wrecked, relatively low mileage 94 GMC pickup. It's a 4X4 or I'd be taking the Trans too. I'll find another one somewhere else. Here's the list I gave the folks to pull for me.

1. Engine complete with all brakets etc.
2. Complete engine harness under hood.
3. Computer and harness in the cab.
4. MAP Sensor under the dash
5. Fuel pump/sending unit assembly from tank
6. Fuel pump wiring harness.
7. Harness to Trans for TC lockup.

I'm not sure how or where all the harnesses tie together so I may have included some that are routed together. Can anyone see anything I missed? As I proceed with this project, I will post the problems/successes I run into. Some may ask why a TBI. The reason is that it's the cheapest way I can think of to get factory fuel injection. It is much cheaper than going with the TPI. I will partially tear down the engine to check it's condition and I'll go from there. This engine has the factory hydraulic roller cam and I believe roller rocker arms also. A slightly hotter cam will probably go in. Howell Enterprises has the knowledge with chips and idle air Holley 670 cfm throttle bodies. A good set of heads from AR or Edlebrock are planned and I have an Edlebrock TBI intake manifold. I will have to rework the fuel pump somehow to put it in the tank and run the fuel return line. I don't think that will be a big problem.

I'd really like to here from you folks.

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