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tanks inc?

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Anyone using their new FI tank and fuel pump systems? Their pumps require return lines but I'm using an LS2 intake and fuel rails which only has a supply line. Supposed to use a 5th gen camaro pump and module which doesn't use a return. Not sure if that pump will work with these tanks... any thoughts or work arounds? They're about a grand less than a ricks vaporworks tank.
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Dan I'm sure it would work with your motor, just use the Covette FPR. It has a feed from the tank, a return back to the tank and a pressure line to the engine. Lots of guys use these with success. You can but them like this with AN adapters installed or GM push on connectors (stock).
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Thanks Aaron! What is the pressure out of the regulator? Where does it mount? On the frame horizontally?

I believe ~58psi, yep on the frame is fine towards the back of the car near the tank.
Perfect, thanks again! I'll give them a call. Will save me a ton of cash. Love the Rick's tanks, but that's a lot of jack for a tank. Could use the $$ elsewhere.

Where's a good place to order the FPR with the AN fittings?
He's a thread with places/prices and links. Didn't go thru the whole thing, but I believe Russell makes the fittings. Ebay and maybe Amazon you can get it with the fittings as a set.
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