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Hey all,

Hope everyone is doing well.

Have a '69 Chevelle Nomad wagon. I was replacing the window channel rubbers on the tailgate because the old ones are completely destroyed. The window roll down stop was gone as well but I didn't know this yet.

I got the rubber replaced in the tailgate and try to test it. Since the stop was gone and I didn't realize it, I rolled the window down too far and it came out of the channel. When I went to roll it back up it was giving too much resistance so I stopped to look at the situation. I see the bracket attached to the bottom of the window is out of the channel at the bottom. I also notice at this point that the bracket is no longer attached to the glass.

Not sure but I think the new rubber was so tight that when I rolled the window down, it grabbed the glass and held it so tight that when the bracket was still moving down, it held the window and the bracket ended up coming off the glass?

Does anyone know anything about that bracket? How is it attached? Can it be reattached? It doesn't look like it was glued on but maybe it was? Would this be something a glass shop could fix maybe?


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the long channel that is attached to the bottom of the glass is called a SASH. it is typically held to the glass with a thin sticky rubber strip in the channel. 2 regulator tracks are bolted to the bottom of the sash and the sash is held in place by the window tracks on each side of the tailgate.
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