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My tail light fuse in my 70 SS454 keeps blowing whenever I put the headlights on.I was thinking maybe the headlight switch is NG? Anything specific I should start looking for? Thanks in advance.

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The "taillight" fuse provides power to the dash lights, front running lights, and rear running lights. Since it pops the fuse, as you turn it on, it's probably not the switch. It's more likely to be something that the switch is operating. Figuring out what that is without cutting up all the wiring is always the fun part.
1, Check the dash light fuse. Small one in the center bottom of the fuse block. It's probably ok. Remove that fuse. At least that eliminates the dash lights and all the wiring from that fuse to the dash lights. It doesn't eliminate the wire from the switch to the dash light fuse. That's not normally a likely thing to short anyway.
2, Eliminate the rear lamps. Disconnect the plug on the tail light harness assembly. There is a plug on the left side of the trunk by the hinge.
3, Install a new fuse and see if it still pops. If it does, the problem is probably towards the front of the car. If it doesn't the brown wire is shorted in the rear lamp harness. Maybe around the lamps.
4, If you get this far and the fuse still pops, maybe towards the front. Disconnect the forward lamp bulkhead connector under the hood. Try another fuse and see what happens.
About as far as I want to type until you narrow it down a little more.
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