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Tail light fix

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While relacing the rear bumper on my 4 week old(to me)'71 Chevelle, I noticed that the right rear tail light assembly was screwed up. The past owner of 20 yrs. must have had a short back there at one time. One of the tail light assembly buckets had melted to a glob of plastic. So to fix this, he screwed on a piece of metal on the inside of the rear bumper, and drilled a hole on the center for the bulb.
He held the bulb in, and what was left of the socket, with some epoxy or sealer. He held the lens in, in the same fashion. The wires had been cut and twisted together. I have since bought a replacement tail light assembly, but now I'm looking for the socket that holds the bulb, to screw back into the assembly.
Is there any place where I can get just the socket? All I've seen is the whole tail light harness for sale for about $120.00. The rest of my tail lights and wiring are good, and $120.00 is not in my budget right now. Later on I'll by the harness, but I just want to get it back on the road now!
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