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Tachometer Options 64' Chevelle

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My Speedometer has a ticking noise coming from it and I don't have a tach. Is there any company that makes a period correct looking speedo/tach combo replacement? Would like to stay as close as stock/original as possible. If a combo doesn't exist, I would remove the center clock(still works) with a tach guage. Again, I would like the replacement speedo and tach to look factory if possible.
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I would do what Leo says about the speedo and buy this tach for a factory look. If you really need a clock I suggest you buy a radio like my Retrosound and get bluetooth for your phone. Here is a link to the tach and a pic of my 68 dash with that radio.
That tach is perfect and no love loss for the clock. I'll just mothball the clock for the next owner as the previous owner to me went through great expense to keep the car as original as possible. I have an aftermarket radio just like the one you have pictured, and has a digital clock.
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