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Tach wire color - '69 SS

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I've ordered a wiring diagram, and yes of course its backordered. So most of the wires / colors I know. The thing is someone hacked the original tach wire from the coil to back of tach (in gauge panel, factory) My new loom has a brown wire, that I believe is for the tach, which is in the right location to mount on the coil. Thing is I don't know if this is the right wire, and if it is, what color wire should be under the dash to the tach? And does the tach wire in the engine compartment connect to the (-) side of the coil?

Dave Bradley
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Yes the brown wire is for the tach. It connects to the - side of the coil (along with the wire for the dist/points) and should also be brown at the tach.

The wiring diagram probably won't include information on the gauge option. As in the gauge cluster and engine compartment tach and amp gauge connections will not show up on any of the diagrams.
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