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Switching to road runner Questions

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I am switching to road runner and keeping AOL as my provider. My question is about security. Will the present AOL prrotect me sufficiently or should I have other virus protection software. do I need some sort of firewall? I am only worried about what comes from the net as I don't download things from others on my drives.

Thanks Bill
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OK, I picked up a Linksys Router which comes with Norton Internet Security. What else should I get before I connect up the road runner to my router? Understand I barely know what I am doing here.
Thanks for the info. You don't know how grateful I am.

One last question. Should I set up my router now or wait until next week, when I get Road runner?

I am hooked up to a phone hard line at this time. I looked at the set up disc that came with my router and the first thing it wanted me to do was to disconnect my modem, ( which I took to mean phone line connection). I didn't want to to that at this time as I don't get the cable until next week.

I guess I'm wondering if I can go through the set up for the router at this time and when I am done, hook my phone line back up without messing up the router set up.

Setting the router up now would be the better way for me to go as I don't really want to wait until next week and have the cable guy standing over me waiting for me to get it up and running.

So, can I set up my router now and then hook up my phone hard line when I am done, or wait until I have the cable ready to hook up?

Thanks Bill
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