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Switching to road runner Questions

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I am switching to road runner and keeping AOL as my provider. My question is about security. Will the present AOL prrotect me sufficiently or should I have other virus protection software. do I need some sort of firewall? I am only worried about what comes from the net as I don't download things from others on my drives.

Thanks Bill
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I hate AOL and havent used it for a long long time now but I really like the EZ Armor antivirus/anti spam and firewall that Road Runner offers free, no pop ups with IE and no spam in my email.
That's in addition to the virus being removed in my email messages by Road runner before I even receive them.

I do have to turn off the firewall sometimes to be able to see SOME things, such as pictures posted in the threads here but I'm told I don't really need a firewall using my router.
That's good to know.

The thing is I have 5 other machines on my home network and only have EZ Armor on this one machine and Norton AV on one other.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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