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Switching to road runner Questions

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I am switching to road runner and keeping AOL as my provider. My question is about security. Will the present AOL prrotect me sufficiently or should I have other virus protection software. do I need some sort of firewall? I am only worried about what comes from the net as I don't download things from others on my drives.

Thanks Bill
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I used Road Runner with a router, now Comcast. I would let the cable guy set up the modem and cable system then put the router in place later. Then you know there are no issues with cable system or modem. With most cable systems you can run DHCP on both sides of router which makes the setup pretty simple.

Make sure you power down the modem before installing the router. Most don't lock to a MAC address anymore so it shouldn't be a problem but just better to start everything from a powerup.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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