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Ok guys, I know a lot of people have been asking about switching to a vacuum advance dist. for street or street/strip cars. Well I finally made the switch today. I had a 85551 locked out at 38* and the car ran great. The only reason that I witch was to try and clean my idle up and stop my plugs from fouling out and my car smelling like raw fuel. I switch to a MSD 8361. I have the initial set at 20* with a total of 38*.

With that said the car idled smoother before I even hooked up the vacuum advance. It did not sound as mean as it did before. After hooking up the vacuum advance my timing is 55* right off idle. That seems like way to much to me. I think it should be in the 50-52* range, but I did not hear any pinging. What do you guys thingnk about that much timing? Should I buy an adjustable vacuum module?

Part throttle driving I seemed to pick up a SMALL amount of throttle response, but doesn't seem a tone different than before. Gaining some gas mileage I am unsure about because I have yet to drive it more than a couple of miles and most of the I was playing around so fuel econimy would have been poor anyway.

It did help the smell of raw fuel tremendously. I still have a lot of tunning to do in my carb, but it did help.

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