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swap wire harnesses?

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I need to rewire my 66. Im toying with the idea of swapping/modifying the harnesses from a late model donor. Anyone ever swap out the wiring from a newer car and fit it to a chevelle? What should I look for at the junk yard?
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I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do. Are there updates/options you want to include that aren't in your stock harness. Wire lengths, colors, connectors are rather specific to a particular car and how it's optioned. Without any further knowledge of your intent, it sounds like you may be starting a nightmare of the worst kind.

If you don't mind my suggesting...whether you just want to replace dried out/corroded wiring, or if you want to add a few choice goodies to your car you might want to call M & H fabricators ( They can either exactly replace your existing harness or they will modify it for the options you want. I put one of their engine harnesses in my Camaro and they set it up for an HEI distributor, and an internal regulator alternator for like $15. All the colors/lengths/connectors were right so I was even able to follow a factory wiring diagram (modifications excluded obviously) it all just plugged right in.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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