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Suspension Kits

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Hey all! I have a 65 El Camino that's ready for some new suspension. When I bought this car I said if something needed to be fixed or replaced, I was gonna do it right and not skimp on anything. So there's a couple kits I'm looking at and I guess just wanted to get some feedback if anyone has the kits, or maybe even if piecing something together from multiple companies is the way to go. My purpose with the car is maybe some light track days in the future when I eventually swap the engine to something with more oomph, but until then just some fun driving around town and up in the canyons and of course am looking for a smooth ride. The kits I'm looking at are the QA1 level 2 Handling Suspension Kit, the UMI Stage 5 Handling Package and the Ridetech HQ Single Adjustable Coilover system. The ridetech one is a little more expensive than I want to go, and not really sure why it's more expensive than the others. They all seem pretty similar with what you get. Right now, I'm leaning the most towards the UMI kit. Any feedback is super appreciated.
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The Power Tour Package from UMI is a great system. I've installed several on customer cars. Makes a world of difference compared to anything stock.
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