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Hello All,

I’ll start describing the specs of my truck, then will conclude with the areas I need support with:

Chevy Silverado C20 (8 lugs)
Flat bed
ZZ572 620hp/650 ib tq (GM Crate Engine)
Details of the engine specs below

572/620 DELUXE 621 HP

It’s backed with T56 close ratios 6 speed.
It’s 4.10 rear end

It’s being used for almost daily drive, street racing, and some time long road trips.

The engine is equipped with FiTech 800 meanstreet, derale 4000 cfm dual fans, champions radiator.

I’m enjoying the truck on all type of use I mentioned above, but found out some work that need to be done for

1- my ignition system
2- brakes
3- suspension system

1- For ignition, I’m running HEI basic distributor where all wire plugs are plugged. I noticed a timing issue when they engine is at high load with (temp. Around 200 F).

Im thinking of a set of distributor, ignition box, and coil. That would help me avoid timing and guarantee sparks are delivered equivalently.

2- I need set of Ceramic desks, rotors, and hardware in order to support my brake booster system (factory one that I like to keep).
Share links of reliable vendors pls

3- I also need set of shock/struts that would improve the truck ride and handling.

Many thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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