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Supercharger on 454 2 Bolt Main

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My next upgrade is heads then possibly a supercharger, but my block is a 2 bolt main. Will the 2 bolt main hold up to a supercharger application? I currently have a 454 .100 domes pistons, .553/.574 cam, 781 heads, rpm air gap intake, 750 DP, 3k stall, th350, 3.31 rear.
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i think the 2-bolt caps will start walking around above 600-hp
i tried a ARP-studded 2-bolt main block and you could see the marks
where the caps were walking on the 2, 3, and #4 mains
there is a stud girdle that is made for BB-chev or
you could convert the block for 4-bolt caps or
get a better block if you want more power like most of us do... :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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