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Super 44 or orginal 40's

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I have a '68 Chevelle with a GM 350 "fast Burn" Crate motor, 425 HP
right now there are Super 44 Flowmaster mufflers on, i was think i switching to the original 40 series
which do you think is better?
I would like the car to be louder but without losing the mean muscle car sound. Which would be better for a muscle car such as mine?
I ask because it seems that the Super 44 was meant to be with more modern cars, since that's all i ever see with this type and i thought that original 40's may make it louder.
Watcha think?
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The 44's are a smaller case muffler and are louder than the 40's. I have never seen anything about the 44's being for newer cars. When they first came out the ad showed a chevelle doing a burnout with them. I ran 44's and switched to magnaflows. The 44's were much louder at idle and cruise. If you want more noise than the 44's are giving you(hard to imagine) put dumps on the mufflers instead of tails.
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