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Sun Visor with Engine Starting Procedure

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I need some help ID'ing this sun visor and engine starting procedure.

The sun visor has a part number "C5716816" on the chrome bracket that has the 3 holes for mounting screws. Also on the visor is an Engine Starting Procedure with Part No. 6263563.

Thanks in advance.
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I don't know what it is from, but I can say that GM starting putting things like that on cars starting around 1972/3. As I understand they often were just paper sleeves slipped around the sunvisor, so they were easily discarded. Tell me, does it say anything about doing up the seatbelt before attempting to start the engine? If so it could be from a '74 model with the dreaded seatbelt-starter interlock. That system was repealled by the U.S. government once they realized what a pain in the rear it was.
I also checked the part number at as a guest and came up empty
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