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Can any of you guys tell me the wiring for this tach. It has 4 terminals in back that say T B G and L There was a red wire on B and a yellow on T the other 2 where bare . The tach came with a 67 SS Conv that i bought and was just thrown in a box with some other parts. Would the yellow T go to the dist. The red B to the power The one that says L would be the Light, and G be ground. Also would this Tach need a power box like some of the Sun tach do. It has a slide in the back that says zero corrector and a srcew that says 4 6 8 These are no problem just need the wiring. I'm running a 427 with HEI Dist. Thanks for any help Dirks SS
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T= coil
B = battery
G ground
L light

IMO. I am quoting out of memory so take this with a grain of salt. Its been a long time since I had a sun tach.
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