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I like mine. It's the black/black face tach with the red shift light inside the tach. Only problem is that you have to put it up to the RPM needed to set the shift light. I.E., you have to push the motor to 5 grand while you set it to 5 grand, it has a little number dial but its not that accurate without reving to check where the light will come on. What I did was put it in first and step on it while my buddy set the light when I hit the desired RPM to avoid blowing the mill to set a darn tach. As far as what we call the "Neuspeed" tachs, the ones that have different colors that shine inside, the only problem with that tach is that every time you turn it off, when you turn it back on a different light setting (I.E, Red, Blue...etc) shines, and you have to set it to your desired light setting each time.

'72 Nova
355 L-31 Vortec
10-Bolt 2.56 Open, Rally Suspension
Weld Draglites (235/fr 255/rr)
3,071 lbs. w/ Full Cell
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'70 Chevelle Malibu, gutted.
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