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Summer Jobs

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Well guys im looking to find a summer job. I am studying chemical engineering at the University of Toledo, and i had a few interviews with companies such as marathon oil, and sunoco oil, both of which declinded me because my gpa (3.1) wasent high enough. I currently work part time at autozone but would like to get out in the field and do something other than sell parts. What are some options or good jobs to try and get? No fast food been there done that and im sick of autozone. I would like to be more of a desk job type position and i cant get a summer co-op now its too late, so i need to find something else.

Any ideas? that have decent pay, i would be working pretty much full time monday-friday from may till august.

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I'm always looking for help here in Michigan, but with 34 bars in this resort town its hard to find someone with a drivers license. Plus its outside work not a desk job.
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