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Suggestions on what to do with t-stat housing and rad

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I have a 65 El Camino with a new radiator, problem is that the rad has the inlet on the passenger side and my t-stat housing is pointing towards the driver's side.
It has a hard and brittle flex hose on there now that I'm looking to replace but I can't find one that is a direct fit.

My thoughts are to get a swivel housing and connect it to the rad with a pretty staraight hose then use the water temp location for the heater box hose and then? Can I put the water temp sensor where there is a big bolt on top of where the water pump lives?

Any ideas on how to get this to work would be great.


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That's a later model intake.they had the temp senders in the head.I don,t think you can run the sensor in the pump as you may have clearance issues with the propeller in the pump.Those old style heads don,t have a coolant plug in the head so you may have to get a diff.intake or be inventive with the heater hose hookup.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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