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My 82 Elky with 292 V6, manual vac advance HEI dist. ,manual 2 bbl carb. no emmision equiptment at all, was running fine, I made a stop and shut it off. It started fine and I went down the road and made a u-turn, on acceleration it stumbled and started breaking up when it shifted into high gear. When I checked the timing it was right on, but the timing light seems to skip a beat every once and awhile. Maybe I didn't notice it before and it is normal.
Now when you rev the engine and then suddenly go WOT it backfires thru the carb. Coincidently my Sunoco station just switched to 10% ethenol, this may not mean anything.
I've cleaned the carb and put a can of dry gas in just in case of moisture, new gas filter, I have spark at all plugs, timing is correct.
It runs, but still seems to be missing in high gear, not so noticeable in low gear.
Any ideas? Thanks, Crash
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