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Stuck clutch and pressure plate

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The clutch and pressure plate seem to be stuck on my '68 327 Chevelle 4-speed as it jumps when I attempt to start it in gear with clutch pedal pushed in. I can start it in neutral but it will not go into any of the gears. Car does sit a lot but was driven a little over a month ago. I have tried starting it in gear but so far no luck. Any suggestions on how to get it unstuck? Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might offer.
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I have peeled the lining off of the clutch disc by doing 6500 RPM launches. When the lining balls up between the PP amd the disc you are all through driving your car unless you can get it started in gear.

The major symptom of this issue will a suddenly increased clutch freeplay way beyond what you are accustomed to.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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