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STOLEN ALERT SoCal- Silver 03 Mustang Cobra LIC # Tzsssss

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Hey guys,

I know its not a Chevelle but if anyone spots a stock 03 Cobra Lic # Tzsssss please contact police it is stolen.

Vehicle was taken out of my brother garage between last night and 5am this morning in Sherman Oaks Ca


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Damn horse thieves...

Was your brother home? I'm sure that Cobra isn't a quiet one.
yes he was home was in the LOCKED parking garage at his condo. They used the antenna as a slim jim. Pretty sure it was pushed out and most likely towed away.

What doesnt make sense to me was if your pro enough to break in to get to the car then most likely have a tow truck on standby why the hell not show up with a slim jim. why the cars antenna? Thoughts?
Good question, but I would guess they may have over looked the slim jim. The antennas can be screwed off. I hate a thief, but they stole a good car...not that it's ok to steal of course. More than likely, he won't see that car again.

What did the douchebags do, throw the antenna on the ground?
Yep left it on the ground. Yea he probably will never see it again. 30k miles pristine car. makes me mad just thinking about it.

Bet the insurance isn't gonna want to give him dick either
Damn, 30K...that engine hasn't even been broke in yet. I'm hoping for the sake of another car lover, that the Insurance company takes "care" of him.

He is offered a 5k reward to anyone who helps bring the car home!!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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