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Stock valve spring retainers dont fit

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Well I started taking down the 454 again to replace the stock camshaft

with a nice mild comp cam and also replace the stock valvesprings with a

set nice upgraded lunati valve springs i bought off ebay.

So far everything went smooth and already got the camshaft in.

I went ahead and started to remove the first spring and install the lunati

spring but It seems like it barely sits right on the bottom plate bearing and

the stock valve spring retainer will not fit on the spring. Does anyone

what valve spring retainers I can buy that will fit? The inner coil on the

spring was flat while the lunati inner spring is a round. Which is the reason

it doesnt fit right.

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Some of those dual springs require the valve guide to be machined for a different valve seal. The springs are also a larger diameter. I'm sure the spring manufacturers have the correct retainers. Check the diameter of the spring. Does the inner spring fit over the valve seal?
from just sliding it the spring on, i dont think it was getting caught on the seal but then again i wasnt aware it could catch on it. i'll take a look at it again.

Welcome to the world of high performance cylinder heads :)

1. You will have to get the Lunati retainers to match the spring.
2. You will have to either get rid of the "bottom bearing plate" which is called a rotator, and either replace it with a rotator eliminator or leave it out, depending on the original configuration of your heads.
3. Depending on the cam you bought, you might have to remove the heads and machine the valve guides so that the retainer will not hit them at full lift.

First thing you need to do is get the correct retainers and locks. Then take one intake and one exhaust off and measure the installed hgt with the new retainer. That will tell you what else you need to do.

There might be a single spring that will work with yur cam, but without the cam specs it's hard to say. Lunati can tell you for sure.

thanks boss.

i'm running a low comp 77' 454. 236' peanut port heads.

the cam is comp cam xr????
230/230 @ 50
280/280 ADV
.520/.520 lift

the springs were part of a lunati cam kit 65050

thats all i know about them:(

performer 2,0 and holley 770 vac2nd

oh and i upgraded the pushrods and gide plates to the 3/8's
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You do not need much spring for that little cam....
Cams above .540" lift you really need to make sure the retainer to seal clearance is adequate.

do you think it will be alright?
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