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Stock Fuel Pump

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Seeking some guidance on obtaining the proper fuel pump for a '70 L78. Apparently, Ground Up offers a new reproduction GM 3/8" w/o return line pump. Has anyone had any experience with these pumps (quality & performance)? My preference is to source an original rebuilt unit. Can anyone recommend the best resource for this item.
Thanks in advance
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Very tough to find and even tougher to find one that will still works with a correct date code. I think the part number is 7040727. 40727 will be stamped on the side mounting block. There will be a date code there too. I hear there are a few that actually rebuild them, if you happen to find a correct one for your application. I think this person rebuilds them or used to. He might have one for you ready to go. I don't know. I believe his first name is Jeff....

Here's the link....

Good luck. It takes time to find some of these parts, as you probably are aware.

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