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On my stock 72 SS dash the ammeter has never worked.(Bad gauge or wiring not connected I dont know).
All wiring was changed when I assembled the car.Schematic shows black fusible link running from horn relay to firwall block to dash connector, circut 105. Circut 106 runs from dash connector to firewall block then.... There is no further wiring in any of the drawings.NOWif you search on the Camaro schematic circut 105 runs the same and it shows circut 106 running down to the starter Batt post via a fusible link.
Can anyone verify that the hookup is the same for the chevelle.
Or does any one have a good point to hook the gauge up directly bypassing the printed circut card.
After frying 2 alternators in a week(dont ask)I need some kind of electrical indication.Modifying panel for a voltmeter is out and I'm too cheap to buy a gauge that matches my autometers

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