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1968 El Camino, 327, M20, 'Glass tilt front, Jag IRS....
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Have to decide which engine to put into the '54 Willies PU.

If I go with a SB 400 I have that needs a rebuild I can use the rebuilt manual trans that was in it before and cooling is probably not an issue.

I also have a fully rebuilt "Stock" (balanced, zero decked, etc.) 454 that was intended to go into it before I realized the torque would shred the manual trans.

Now I find myself with a TH400 I will be removing from my '68 El Camino.
Not too hard to put a transfer case on it and it should be fine behind the 454.

33" tires on eight lug axles, guess I need to find out the models.

I've been warned that it will be hard to cool the big block.
I know it's been done before, so what do I need?

Intended use is general driver, occasional trails but not rock crawling, towing, and winter travel when the El Camino is a bad idea.
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