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Still going.....

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Sorry, I haven't been able to respond and kinda left everyone hanging. Bad storm almost wiped out our house, internet, blew up computer, etc... Just got things going again.

Okay, I may have done a few stupid things so get me headed straight again. Engine broke in great. Ran great. Ran it a few blocks...easy on the throttle. No problems. Next day drove it 12 miles, no problems and no leaks. Opened up the secondaries a couple of times briefly, just to feel it. Awesome! Lays rubber on "1-tire" lol, at 30 mph easily. Did this a couple more times the next day.

Noticed a slight popping noise when getting on it. Had someone look at it and they thought I wiped the cam. I am not convinced. We checked the fuel pump and we are not getting more than 3psi of fuel pressure. So we thought it was the fuel pump. Now the fuel pump is jammed in the engine and won't budge. I tried bumping the engine over, starting the engine. It won't move. When they went to check the fuel cell, I had been driving it with the cap on the vent. I guess this was the stupid part.

Went ahead and blocked off the pump and put on an electrical pump so I wouldn't have to tear the engine apart. Haven't started the motor yet. Wanted to check with you guys. Will this work, or have I lost it. If this does work and doesn't stop the popping. Do you thing maybe valve float. My first solid cam and first time setting the lifters. Skip did most of them but I did a couple. Maybe I messed it up.
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delbert the fuel pump rod has bent you need to get it out if you cant get it out call me ill help you
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