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Hi, Does anyone know or have the pinout for a
72 Delco am/fm Stereo plug. The plug on the rear of the unit has four pins near the rear and five pins at the front. I would like to bench test this unit. Any help appreciated.


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From the 72 passenger car service manual:

the 5 terminal plug connector (from center of radio to outside of radio) terminal 978 - hot to RRear.
terminal 922 - hot to LRear
terminal 924 - hot to RFront
terminal 923 - hot to LFront
terminal 977A&B - grd L&R Front

4 terminal plug (from center to outside)
terminal 8 grey wire 20 ga. to fuse block(8 amp fuse) lites maybe ??
terminal 43 to fuse panel no other info
terminal 150 ground
terminal 977C ground L&R Rear

The terminal numbers are the call out from the print. If this is not clear I can email a scan.

72 El Camino
TPI 350/700r4
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