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Stereo Fuzzys

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Don't know if its possibly related to this: or not.

While my key is in the on position, the stereo plays out nice and clean, as soon as I turn on the car, from the speakers you can hear an annoying buzz type sound. I have a pioneer headunit, with 6x9's a 12" sub and a 800 watt amp in the trunk. The headunit and the amp both have fused powerleads running to the positive side on the battery. All grounds are clean, and no fuses are blown. The stereo worked fine for months, then I had my above mentioned problem with my domelight staying on, day after I took the bulb out of the domelight I swapped motors.(When I swapped motors I went through and cleaned and tightened all grounds) The stereo still was working fine with the new motor, and then in the last week or so it started its buzz. What leaves me boggled is it only does it while the car is running? When its just in the acc position everything is fine.
Any Thoughts?
Thanks In Advance!
edit-forgot...I just checked and tightened all the wires at the amp and rerouted the power wires in the motor compartment to a cooler spot and its still doing it.
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you might try to get the noise suppressor at a stereo shop instead of radio shack. I got one a while back that did not work very well (poor quality).

This was a couple years ago, though. Their quality could be better now.

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