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I bought a hard cap dash cover and steering wheel off EBAY(both black), and need to paint them(lacquer). The interior is saddle colored with the dash and wheel a darker shade than the soft upolstery. I bought aerosol cans from NPD and it is the lighter color. If I use this color, I'll have to paint the column and the entire dash for all to match. The 71-72 dark saddle looks too dark. Any ideas?

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Try to get a piece of the material that you want the color to match, contact Just Dashes, they will match and mix up a quart for you. I have used them twice and both times got exact matches to the color I needed.

Here is the link for them.

P.S. I am not advertising for them - just recommending as it worked out for me. Reason I am saying this as the last time I posted a link for a company the post was removed as it was taken as advertising.

Hope this helps

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