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steering shaft removal on 69 Chevelle

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I did this before years ago on another 69 Chevelle, but I can't remember if I've overlooked something. I've removed the clamp bolt (near the brake booster), sprayed some PB Blaster into the area and disconnected the rag joint, but can't get the spline joint to pull away. I've tapped lightly with a slide puller (didn't want to overdo it) but it won't budge. Does anyone have a tip for getting this apart?
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I assume you are talking about the intermediate shaft and the part that connects to the bottom of the column. If so, I just did that. I used 2 open-end wrenches between the column and the the spline joint. I held the back one (column side) steady and used the one nearest the joint to pry the joint off the column. It worked like a charm!
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