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Steering Problem

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I have a 69 chevelle with power steering, no tilt wheel. Last year, I replaced the steering gear box, which was leaking badly, but still worked fine. When I turn the wheel, it feels like the steering is catching on something. It's not a hesitation, but more mechanical and feels like its up near the steering wheel. Like I said, the gear is new, the suspension does not appear to be a problem and the steering column is not obstructed in any way. If anyone have any ideas, I would appreciate it

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i would suspect that the steering box is locking up. if they aren't put together right they will do that. there are about 14-16 ball bearings that have to be put in in a certain order or you'll have it stick. i pulled one apart and didn't do it right and it did what you're describing. the bearings must be alternated, shiny/dull/shiny/dull....
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