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Steering Column Swap

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I am swapping from a non tilt column to a tilt column. Somewhere I have seen some info about this process. The docs I am thinking about ncluded a lot ofcool hard to find info abuout the subtile differences in the colums from year to year/ some info on wiring and other priceless tidbit. I know about Jim Sheas information but I believe there was something else floating around cyberspace. Jims info is more oriented toward rebuilding the entire column...this info I am seeking wasmore on the point of swapping the colums.

Since I have never worked with a tilt column and I think this one I have needs a new lock tumbler I was thinking I might put the tumbler from my car into the tilt unit? Anyone know if that works? If so what does it take to do the job? If it does not swap into the tilt where can I get a tumbler / tumbler mech that will work? If the original one from my non tilt will work great but if it takes a box full of specal tools to remove it from the non tilt column well then perhaps it would just be more efficient to just buy a new tumbler.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Thanks to both Leo and DZAUTO. Can I ask for some help again when I actually undertake this swap? Right now I am just getting my "ducks in a row" so that I understand what I am doing BEFORE I tear into something I have never worked on before. I have finally learned my lesson on doing things like that.

I assume that the procedure for removal of the lock cyl is outlined in the service manuals?

Again thanks for the help.
You CANNOT use the same ignition switch between standard (non adjustable) steering columns and tilt columns. There are two kinds of ignition switches. One for standard columns the other for adjustable tilt and T&T columns. You CAN us the same lock cylinders!

When you install a tilt column with the correct tilt column ignition switch, you will need to twist the vehicle wiring harness 180 degrees in order to get it to snap into the tilt column ignition switch.

Well guys can I use the same switch or not? I think we have a "failure to communicate" here in terms of the ignition switch versus the lock / tumbler assy. My conclusion is that the The Lock / Tumbler is NOT the ignition switch? Is this correct.
Great info Jim. I guess I was just being a little thick headed...I was confused about the info that Leo and DZ and the other guys were giving me. I never really thought about the tumbler being separated from the ignition switch. Ya have to hand it to those crafty engineers who worked for The General.

Seriously now thanks a lot Jim (and of course everyone else) this has been a very very good explanation of what is going on. I have never fooled with the post 68 cars in the area of the switch / tumbler and if you asked me I would have said that they were one piece up until I read this thread.

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