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Steering Column Swap

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I am swapping from a non tilt column to a tilt column. Somewhere I have seen some info about this process. The docs I am thinking about ncluded a lot ofcool hard to find info abuout the subtile differences in the colums from year to year/ some info on wiring and other priceless tidbit. I know about Jim Sheas information but I believe there was something else floating around cyberspace. Jims info is more oriented toward rebuilding the entire column...this info I am seeking wasmore on the point of swapping the colums.

Since I have never worked with a tilt column and I think this one I have needs a new lock tumbler I was thinking I might put the tumbler from my car into the tilt unit? Anyone know if that works? If so what does it take to do the job? If it does not swap into the tilt where can I get a tumbler / tumbler mech that will work? If the original one from my non tilt will work great but if it takes a box full of specal tools to remove it from the non tilt column well then perhaps it would just be more efficient to just buy a new tumbler.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Yes, the ign lock cyl will work, the same procedure removes/ reinstalls on both columns. IIRC, you'll have to turn the wiring connector over to plug it into the tilt column switch plugs. Sorry, no pics, maybe do another search.
JimL82 is correct about the switch, and you can use the ign cylinder and key from the original column. Jim as instructions on his website I think for the ign cylinder removal/installation.
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