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Steering Column Collar

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Anyone know how easy it is to replace the steering column collar on a 72 Chevelle? My car was originally a column shift but has been retro-fitted with the horseshoe on the floor, so the original steering column collar forward of the ignition collar looks a bit out of place with the column shift nub present without the column shift handle there. My car came with a replacement collar when I bought it a couple of months ago that appears to be a reproduction. Does anyone know how hard it is to swap these collars out, how much time it would take, and if this part is a fairly interchangeable part (i.e., is this kind of part fairly universal/interchangeable on most GM A-body cars)? Thanks!

Nate (m006276)
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I would suggest that you take digital pictures as you disassemble the column head. I would also urge that you remove the column from your car. It will be a lot easier to work on. You are going to have to remove the turn signal switch from the column so that you will be able to remove the turn signal housing and the shift bowl. The shift bowl should be a slip fit to the shift tube inside the column. Corrosion may make it somewhat difficult to pull it off. Be careful with the disassembly. The shift tube is made of two thin wall tubes that are held together with injected plastic. You do not want to disturb the plastic!
These two disassembly pics should help.
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